Hello! And welcome to my drastically revamped website!

To reflect the new life choices I made in 2017, I have also decided to re-think my blog entirely. I have now redesigned my blog to be how I have always envisioned it from the beginning: a blog where I showcase my photos, and nothing more. No more camera talks (although I now shoot exclusively with Fujifilm X Series Cameras, in case you wondered). And definitely no more ramblings about my life (you can find me on Face Book for that, if you are interested). However, I am keeping the title for posterity’s sake.

I am aiming for more social media exposure (especially on Instagram), so instead of a blog where I talk about everything and nothing at once, I have streamlined it to showcase what my followers want to see the most: pictures of my travels. I hope that one day, my photos will be good enough to be featured somewhere else. If my pictures inspire you to want to visit the places I have been to, then that is good enough a reward for me (although I dream of becoming a professional (nature and travel) photographer one day, but not just yet).

Of course, I have not thrown away 6 year’s worth of blogging just like that. A lot of what I wrote can still be found on my Blogger website.